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It has been a while

I would like to start off with a small appoloy to the three people that may actually check-in here to see if there is any added or new content. It has been a busy year to say the least with many hurdles that have been thrown in along the way with the virus and every other odd thing that 2020 has come at us with. Like just about everyone else I have had some person hurdles to work through along the way, however I have stayed active behind the scenes to progress the business platform of New England Metal Jackets along with staying active with the social media accounts and making connections with people and businesses within the firearms and 2A community.

So, as some of you may know, I have moved from Rhode Island back to my home state of Connecticut. I am going to maintain a presence within the Ocean State for the time being as I expand my opperations into Connecticut and grow the NEMJ brand within the firearms and 2A community. It certianly should be an exciting and adventrous 2021.

That being said, 2020 was a growing year for sure, however all and all it was a positive one for me. While I did not get to spend nearly as much time as I had mapped out in my head sending rounds down range, I did have a very productive year with the freedom seeds that I did get to plant into the berms and backstops. One of the things that I wanted to do during 2020 was to shoot in more action shooting matches like USPSA or Steel Challenge events in and around New England. With all the state shutdowns around the country due to the Corona Virus and ammo shortages this was a difficult endever, while not impossible, it was tough for me to get to any matches this year. The bright side of that was that I was able to shoot in an event that I have wanted to shoot in for a few years now, the Walls of Steel event held at Wallum Lake Rod and Gun club in Harrisville Rhode Island. I didnt shoot the best....I didnt shoot the worst, and I did not get disqualified so to me, it was a very sucessful event. I plan to have a post dedicated to just that event.

While I am on the topic of pistols and pistol shooting, I had a wonderfull oppritunity to finally take a full day handgun class with Tatiana Whitlock!! I have had the pleasure of taking a few condensed classes of hers at the Live Free or Die Shoots held in Keene NH. Well, the way 2020 went they had to cancel the event for the year so there was no fun to be had seeing, hearing and smelling all the freedom that is on display at that event, which also ment that I did not get the chance to participate in any of the training oppritunities that come along with attending the LFOD event. Well, Tatiana was still able to travel around the country teaching her classes at ranges from California, to Texas, Connecticut and her home state of Maine. There are also some other states that she frequents along the mid-Atlantic region in her travels. In October of this past year she was doing a weekend of teaching at a range in eastern CT, one day was her Training in Context class, and the second day was her Handgun Accuraccy class. This class was a full 8 hours all bout how to be more consistantly accurate with the hand gun... I was fortunate enough to have had the oppritunity to be a part of this class and let me tell you, it was well, well worth the time and money for the class. I learned so much about how bad and wrong I have been shooting the handgun, and was able to learn why I miss where I miss and how to correct it!!!! I will save all that for a future post here on the page! Keep an eye open for that, and I will be looking to take more classes from Tatian in future!!

One of the biggest personal gains for me was gaining a much larger understanding of and for the AR15 Platform. I was able to build a lower reciever and complete a build that I call waffles. That was so much fun that I ended up building two more from parts that I am able to order through New England Metal Jackets. I do plan on building some more, plenty more because they are way too much fun to build!! My 7 yearold has already claimed one of the builds that is revered to as the unicorn or snowflake build because it is built on the Spikes Tactical Snowflake lower reciever. Let me just say that I am perfectly ok with her wanting this rifle as hers!! She has actually shown a fair amount of interest in learning about firearms and shooting..... Plus she has a want to go out and experience hunting! I am going to see about getting her out into the woods here in southern New England for the spring turkey season!! Stay tuned for this!

(photo gallery of a few photos from the 2020 projects)

Moving forward in 2021 I do have some goals and plans I would like to accomplish. A few of them I do not mind touching base with here in this post, of course they are the shooting or firearms related ones. Obviously one is the get my daughter into the woods for some spring turkey hunting. Another one I have already in the works and dates set to accomplish that are around the corner as I sit and type these thougths out to the three of you. I will update that one once its been finished. I would like to attend some more training classes this year with a few instructors that frequent the or ar based in the New England area. I would like to do more with the pistol and AR platforms this year so that will be my focus on that. A sub-goal in this catigory is to get some friends or aquaintances to come along and take some classes with me, the three of you reading this plus who ever I know that I can put into a wrist-lock and drag along with me. I also would like to shoot in a few more local to me matches and take some trips to some matches around New Engaland and get out and make some more friends within the shooting community. One last thought on some of my 2021 goals are is to be more active with social media, posting pictures and experiences along with getting better with and making videos.

Stay tuned for all that 2021 is going to bring!!! I will aslo be making changes on the pages here in the website as I see fit and to accomplish more of what my vision is fro Nemj!! Thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks for being apart of our jorney here. Happy and safe pewing, and SEND it!!!

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