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I am going to utilize this as a small introduction to what New England Metal Jackets is as an organization and to put a little background to the faces behind the scenes.

First off lets start with an introduction of myself. My name is Shane and I own and operate New England Metal Jackets. I have lived in southern New England my whole life. I grew up in the foot hills of the Berkshire Mountains in CT before I had moved to RI. I did not grow up around guns per say but had a fascination with them and I was fairly intrigued by them and their nature. I had a chance to shoot some .22lr with a close friend of my parents when I was younger and let me just say that I could not get enough of it! When I was in my early teen years I had a group of friends that had firearms and were hunters. I had fished with my dad most of my life up until then so I liked the idea of learning how to hunt and shoot. I got to go hunting with my friends a bunch of times however I could only go for the walk in the woods due to not having obtained my Hunter Safety Course Certification which is required to obtain a hunting license.

I moved to Rhode Island shortly after I turned twenty one. Within my first year living in RI I went to the local gun shop and took my "blue card" safety test so I could purchase a pistol in the state.Once that baby arrived in the mail I went and purchased my first pistol! It was a Glock 30 if you must know.. That same year I also attended the hunter safety class so I could get my hunter safety card so I could finally get my hunting license!! I had some mild success with Pheasant hunting, not so much with Deer. Deer hunting public land in RI is not exactly ideal considering the facts that I did not have the time to devote to recon and intelligence gathering on the deer and their patterns nor did I have a tree stand. I have discovered that I do enjoy upland game and bird hunting and I would like to devote more time to this and to teach my kids and other kids the fun that can be found walking through the woods hunting!

The photo here is a sample of one of my successful outings in the Northern Management areas of Rhode Island.

Fast forward a few years, to where I now have my carry permit due to working armed security. The company I worked for at the time did not offer any type of training for firearms and I felt that this was a necessity for the job and my own personal safety. Once I had started looking into training classes and what they cost I could see why the company didn't offer firearms training, however I did discover the world of competitive shooting in the form of USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association, which is the US region of International Practical Shooting Confederation). While I do understand the dynamic that this is more of a "game" I approached it as a self imposed training by going to local matches with the mindset of working on defensive shooting and not so much the game part. Plus, I am not good enough to "play the game". The way I looked at it was it was practice drawing from a holster and engaging targets while you had to think about what were shoot targets and no-shoot targets along with all the safety protocols to not get disqualified. To me a successful match was one where I did not get DQ'd! I was able to convince my coworker to come along and participate in a few of these matches and let me say that we did have a blast! I have been able to maintain a friendship with him and he is going to be a behind the scenes contributor here at New England Metal Jackets.

Once I had a taste for shooting at the Uspsa and Steel challenge matches I had the idea of creating a group or organization that was involved in the shooting world, and this was the basic thought that sparked the creation of NEW England Metal Jackets!!!

The mission of New England Metal Jackets is to promote firearms safety and training to new and experienced shooters alike. I personally have taken steps to become an NRA instructor in multiple class subjects which allows me to be able to educate new and novice shooters in firearms safety and basics of shooting. I have connections with some friends that are also NRA instructors along with other relevant credentials, that will also be contributing members to NEMJ and will be a part of the content that we publish here and on our other social media outlets. For the skilled shooters that exceed our abilities of instruction and training we are going to work towards establishing connections and relationships with trainers and training companies in and around New England that can better suit the needs for these more seasoned shooters. New England is rich with talent and we want to help spread the word to make our neighbors and fellow citizens the best and safest firearms owners!

One of our other goals moving forward will be to help spread the word and promote businesses here in New England that are either based within the firearms community or that are supporters of the shooting world and the 2A community so that we, as shooters and firearms enthuse can support them with our business. After all we are a small community with a common interest and we feel that supporting each other will only help to solidify our efforts in promoting the shooting sports and firearm ownership. If you are reading this and own or know someone who owns a business and they are Pro 2A reach out to us so we can get the word out!

New England Metal Jackets is also going to run and maintain an eCommerce aspect to what we do.

Our online store will carry a limited supply of items that will change periodically. We have a working relationship with some good names in the AR rifle industry as well as being able to get optics and other accessories. (All local, state and Federal laws will be followed, non FFL sales)

Stay tuned for what we are going to be producing, doing and documenting, whether its in the form of a blog on these pages, some sort of video content on YouTube , or just some sort of social media content on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. The content will range from our own personal experiences at events, competitions, training classes or just range days. Collectively we will also be doing some reviews of products and equipment along the way and to give our opinion on what we think about any particular item or product.

We will be posting up some bios of the people that will contribute to the pages and appear in photos and other content in the near future to help better put a face to who we are as people.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we will see you on the range or class room soon.

Be safe and , Send it!!

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