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Real Avid Pivot Pin Installation Tool

If you’re a fan of is here at New England Metal Jackets and you have been following us along our journey you have probably seen our recent blog or social media posts about my own personal rifle I named Waffles. This was my first time building an AR-15 lower receiver. During this build process I had the opportunity to use a really simple tool that I’d like to take the time to discuss with you here. The tool is the Real Avid Pivot Pin Installation tool.

My first thought of this tool was that it’s probably some cheap gimmick that wouldn’t be very good or useful. I realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t the case and that the tool works very well for what it’s designed to do and it made the pivot pin installation a breeze! The tool is Three pieces. The largest piece slips over the Receivers pivot pin bore that is closest to the bore hole the pivot pin detent and spring sits in.

The second part of the tool is a pin that is inserted from the opposite direction of the actual pivot pin.

The tools “pin” first goes through the pivot pin bore not utilized by the tool, goes through the tool and all the way through the second ear of the pivot pin bore that the tool is straddling And extends past the bore hole for the detent and spring. The tools pin can only be inserted into the tool one way due to a groove in the pin itself and the way the body of the tool is designed the groove will only slide in on one side from one direction (not the band). At the tip of the pin on the tool there is a hole that lines up with the hole on the receiver for the spring and detent when the tool is down. Both the tool body and tool pin are constructed of a polymer. The third part of the tool is what I am going to call the pusher pin. This pin is made of aluminum and is designed to push the spring and detent in through the tool and into their home within the lower receiver. This pusher pin is just long enough to clear the other pin of the tool.

With two thirds of the tool (the two plastic pieces) in place on the receiver and the detent holes of the tool and receiver are lined up you're ready to place the spring and detent into the tool and then push them into the receiver with the pusher pin.

Once you push the pusher pin all the way in you rotate the whole tool upwards. This makes it so that the temporary pivot pin of the tool holds the detent in place. At this point you start the actual pivot pin into its home, remove the aluminum pusher pin from the tool and push the tools pivot pin out with the actual pivot pin for the rifle. Once the rifles pivot pin capture the detent the pivot pin is installed!

It most likrly took you longer to read this blog than the process of the entire pivot pin installation!

Here is a link to the video explanation I posted to our YouTube channel to give you a visual. https://youtu.be/olshZsvNh5s

I look forward to using this thing much more in the future! Thanks for reading and I hope it was use worth the time for you!

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