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Waffles, an Aero Precision Carbine

Updated: Jun 14

Here is the story about Waffles, my Aero Precision Carbine “build”

In the first few months of 2019 I was fortunate enough to win a 50/50 raffle at an event. A small local RI gun shop had a deal on 3 separate AR lower receivers that I had decided need to be purchased with the raffle winnings. Two of the lowers happened to be manufactured by Aero Precision. One was the M4E1 which was used for this build, and the other is the AR15 gen 2 which will be a build in the near future. Aero sure does make some nice stuff!

So, in the Fall of 2019 I had attended my 3rd Live Free or Die Shoot held in Keene NH. Aero Precision had a vendors booth at the event this time around due to recently opening a facility in NH! They had teamed up with another NH company, 2A Engraving, in an adjacent booth. The deal was this, there were bottle opener keychains that had the 2A Engraving and Aero Precision logos on one side and anyone could have a custom engraving on the other side. If and when you decided to take part in this free keychain and engraving they took your name and email address and entered you into a raffle at the end of the event that the folks at Aero precision were doing to give away a complete (minus charge handle and bcg) 16” M4E1 upper receiver. Well, I had a keychain made and as luck would have it, I won the upper!!! So due to the main components of this rifle coming from the bounty of raffles, I had decided to name it Waffles once she was assembled!

This chain of events had made me look into the prospect of an e-commerce aspect of New England Metal Jackets and looking into being an Aero Precision Dealer. Long story short, that became a reality! So through the final months of 2019 and into 2020 I slowly acquired the rest of the components needed to bring waffles into existence!

For me personally, I’m new to the AR platform relatively speaking compared to most in the shooting community. So on that note, waffles is my first time building a lower receiver! Which I have to say was actually really quick and easy!

So this is just a video of waffles coming to be. It’s not the best video. It also doesn’t have too much footage of the actual process of getting the components installed due to my current lack of video making equipment, which I’m working on improving for our next videos that will be coming.


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